Vintage Band T-Shirts of Famous 1960s Rock Bands

From blues rock and classic rock bands to space rock to pop rock musicians, if you, like many of us absolutely loved (and still do) the music of the 1960s bands, then what better way to celebrate your favourite group than by wearing t-shirts with inscriptions and images of great musicians like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones, to mention a few popular ones.

Teacher Rock Star by Night T-Shirt
Rockstar tee for rock music enthusiasts
Teacher Rock Star by Night T-Shirt
by poorrichards

Wearing band t-shirts is a great way to keep your memories of the greatest band members and their ‘evergreen’ timeless music alive. Many of their music still remains popular to this day and some of the groups still perform musical tours today.

Five of the Best Rock Bands of All Time

Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix was a guitarist, songwriter, and singer all rolled in one and known to have brought the “fire and emotion” that we can all identify with, into rock music. For a very popular guitarist who lived for only twenty-eight years, his achievements in the rock and roll scene, spanning roughly about four years, was electrifying and captivating, just as his signature hairdo, the afro.
Jimi T-Shirt
100% Cotton band t-shirt with a print of the legend Jimi Hendrix
Jimi T-Shirt
by Creamy_Hamilton

Today, Jimi Hendrix still remains a legend and his songs still inspire several tribute albums from many jazz artists, known and unknown.  

The Beatles

One of the most popular bands in the history of music of the 20th century, the Beatles is a British rock band formed in the 1960s. The band’s popularity was worldwide, the rave soon emerged to a situation referred to as “Beatlemania”.
The End. T-Shirt
The lyrics of the famous Beatles song printed on a t-shirt -  'Abbey Road -The End'
The End. T-Shirt
by Bren926

As the bestselling band in all the history of music with over 600+ million records sold till date, the Beatles modernised pop and rock music as we know it today. Their “pop-culture revolution” still resonates in the 21st century with millions of young and old die-hard fans still in love with their music. 

Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones first came into limelight in the early 60s hitting the rock music scene with a bang. Their music hit the top of the charts almost from the onset. Though they have gone through changes and loss of their instrumentalist in the past fifty years, they still feature in concerts in many places around the world.
Jagger 4 T-Shirt
Mick Jagger band t-shirt - Jagger was the lead singer and one of the founder members of the Rolling Stones
Jagger 4 T-Shirt
by Kumbitz 

Mick Jagger (the group’s lead singer and one of its founding members), is acknowledged as the greatest band leader ever. He can be said to have single-handedly defined what it means to be the singer with a rock band, a blues band or any other kind of band during his over five-decade career.

Pink Floyd

This group, formed in 1965 by four young students, is popularly known as one of the most musically prominent groups in the history of rock music. Pink Floyd is a psychedelic group that played progressive rock with philosophical lyrics and avant-garde compositions and are undeniably one of rock music’s scene most successful and dominant act.

pink floyd T-Shirt
Band t-shirt with an image of the rock group, Pink Floyd
pink floyd T-Shirt
by leahslounge

Their best-selling albums The Dark Side of the Moon (recorded between 1972 and 1973) and The Wall (1979) has become two of their best-sellers, even till this day. The band currently consists of Nick Mason and David Gilmour, two of its founding members.

Led Zeppelin

An English rock band formed in the late sixties, Led Zeppelin is widely considered one of the most successful, innovative, and influential rock groups in the history of music and the best second best-selling band in the United States. A number of sources estimate the group's record sales at 200 to 300 million units worldwide.

They produced heavy guitar sounds deep-rooted in blues and psychedelic reverberations, evident on their early albums, thus earning recognition as one of the forerunners of heavy metals music through their unique style drawn from a variety of inspirations, including from folk music. Led Zeppelin band group split following one of its members (John Bonham) death in 1980.

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T-Shirt Styles Inspired by the Vintage Era
History of the T-Shirt  

T-Shirt Styles Inspired by the Vintage Era

T-shirts first gained recognition at the end of the 19th century but finally achieved the status of being a trendy item of clothing by the mid-20th century.

Because vintage inspired fashion creations continue to trend among today’s women who are die-hard enthusiasts, many of them can express their uniqueness of always being vintage inspired by wearing t-shirts inspired by the vintage era.

Artists expression showing vintage era t-shirts and other vintage objects. Image created by Viryabo@Polyvore

As we all know, you can wear a t-shirt to look dressed-up, semi-casual, or dressed-down. One that is ornately embellished with ornaments like faux pearls, stones, sequins, and appliques can be worn successfully to dinner events, a party at the Ritz, and such occasions that demand stylish dressing.

Semi-casual t-shirts can be worn for an evening out, hanging out with friends, or going to the movies, while casual tees, with or without prints and illustrations are best suited for casual dressing and around-the-house wear. These are the most popular and sought-after for everyday wear.

The casual street-style look is the popular style and such dressing is incomplete without a tee. That’s why most women have a good number of these shirts in our wardrobes. Most of us have cause to wear a t-shirt every single day.

But how can you get that unique look with a t-shirt? Which type will you wear to make your stand out?

Vintage T-Shirts

The popular ways of expressing preferences for vintage fashion through wearing tees include wearing the ones that have prints of antique or vintage images, illustrations, quotes or photographs.

The cuts of tees basically remain similar to the vintage t-shirts worn over half-a-century ago but what majorly differentiates one style from the other is that while traditional ones were plain and at best, sporty, today’s style range from the stylishly cropped to the embellishes tees.

Tees with vintage illustrations - Image created by Viryabo@Polyvore

If you are one for a stickler for details and wish to have an idea of what illustrates a particular era, this list that covers the years between 1939 and 1990 should be of some help.

1939 to the 40s – The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind. Early examples of vintage t-shirts with printed logos and decorations can be found in the movie The Wizard of Oz. It had the word "OZ" printed on its front.

1940s - Army t-shirts. Printed tees were in limited use in the forties, however, the earliest recorded printed t-shirt of the time was Dew it with Dewey

1950s – Illustrations of resorts and getaways. Some businesses started to decorate t-shirts with holiday resort names and characters.

1960s – The Rock and Roll era. This was a time Ringer t-shirts were a popular trendy fashion among the young rock-n-rollers. It was in the sixties that tie-and-dye and screen printing on tees evolved. The t-shirt became a medium for wearable art, commercial advertising, souvenir marketing, and protest messages.

1970s – Walt Disney characters, Rolling Stones, and Milton Glaser's iconic I ♥ N Y inscription. Popular Disney characters began to appear with Mickey Mouse being one of the top choices of prints for t-shirt lovers. Other notable and memorable t-shirts produced during this decade continued to be entrenched in pop culture and were referred to as band t-shirts.

1980s – By the mid-eighties, white tees became very fashionable, especially after Don Johnson wore it with an Armani suit in the movie Miami Vice.

1990s – It became common practice for companies to make t-shirts promotional items as a part of their advertising campaigns. They came with prints of corporate logos, quotes, and messages Also, shirts with prominent designer-name logos like FUBU, The Gap, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren become popular with teenagers and young adults.

21st Century Tees

We can’t talk about vintage-inspired t-shirts without mentioning how far the tee wearing culture has evolved. By the beginning of the 21st century, there was renewed popularity in t-shirt wearing and today are worn by all ages from day-old babies to the middle-aged and elderly.

They come printed, hand-painted, inscribed, embellished, etc…, and have numerous types of designs on them ranging from quotes and slogans that veer towards the humorous, spiritual, and satirical, to black and white images, hand-painted muddles, studs and stones, photographs, ornaments, and natural elements the shells, corals, and lacquered wood chips.

The t-shirt has become one of the most important items of clothing for most people all over the world, most especially because its trend is being embraced by vintage die-hards, celebrities, models, fashion icons, and superstars who wear them either casually in public, or stylishly for top events.

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How to Dress in 1920s Flapper Style

Do you want to look vintage chic or just stylishly old-fashioned? Do you want to create the vintage look from decades past?

One of the looks I love best is the roaring twenties style. This was a time when women wanted their bodies loose and free from the shackles of tight corsets, long and cumbersome skirts and dumped hats large enough to house a colony of birds.

Fashionable meant daring to raise hemlines, short hairdos, jewel-encrusted headpieces, and freer waistlines, with post-war spending inspiring a new kind of shopping therapy for women everywhere.

So, if you love fashion of the 1920s and will like to know how to dress like you sashayed out of the Great Gatsby movie, here are examples of what you can wear and how to wear them.

Hair Styles – A noticeable highpoint of the 1920s woman was demonstrated by the stark change in her hairstyle. Women were saying cheerio to long Victorian locks and welcomed much shorter and boyish hairdos. Popular styles that may interest you include the bob cut, shingle cut (a bob haircut with a tapered back) and the Eton crop.

The Flapper style is not complete without the right hairdo – short. But if you don’t want to cut your hair short (understandably), you can always opt for a short wig – the bob style or finger-curls are very 1920s.

Hats and Headpieces – Of all the classic hats of the roaring twenties, the cloche hat was the trendiest and was a very popular headpiece with its bell shape and side adornments which was anything from flowers to small feathers and geometric designs. Other hat styles include wrapped turbans, straw summer hats, and bucket hats.

To add a feminine touch to their ensemble, the wealthy 1920s woman had elaborate and expensive jewels worn as headpieces in their collections. However, you don’t have to buy bejewelled headpieces because you’ll find that many with faux stones will look equally glamorous on you plus you can even make your own.

1920s Vintage Headpieces

Clothes – By the twenties, fashion began to deviate from the more restricting clothing of the earlier years and gravitated towards simpler and more comfortable clothing like slip dresses, short skirts and trousers. Floral prints in soft pastel colours were adored and other popular colours were "Nile Green" "Sunset Orange" "French Blue" and "Maze".

Beaded dresses with fringed hems were for formal and evening wear. Other formal clothes styles of the 1920s were the sleeveless chemise gowns with elaborate beading and sequined works. Because dresses didn't hug a woman's body but instead hung loosely, sometimes with loose sleeves, its one vintage inspired style that will look good on all women, be they skinny or plus size.

Fashion of the 20s

Shoes – If you are looking for authentic vintage shoes, that’s probably a tall order because it is not easy to find a pair that’ll fit your feet. A good thing though is that vintage inspired shoes are all over the stores. You just need to know what to look out for. 1920s shoe styles include the T-Strap heeled shoes (or T-bar), Mary Jane, 20s oxford, and pumps. There were also tap shoes and dance shoes.

Shoe Styles of the 1920s

Sunglasses - The 1920s ushered in the use of tinted sunglasses to the fashion scene. Their styles were simple circle frames made of metal or tortoiseshell with colours ranging from dark grey to deep green. When the silver screen goddesses sunbathed in their movies, the trend soon caught on and finally, the public caught on to the convenience of shading your eyes from the sun.

If you wear a flapper style dress or a slip dress, please note that your ensemble will look unfinished without a pair of vintage style sunglasses.

Jewellery – The first sets of stylish costume jewellery became popular in the early twenties. Many came in strong bold colours with sleek and streamlined geometric shapes that expressed the modern Art Deco movement. Pieces include large bracelets, brooches, pendants, and chandelier earrings.

The 1920s woman often wore strings of beads and you can get that same look too. For that same elegance, you can drape your neck with a few layers of smooth round beads of different sizes. Glass beads or faux pearls look great if you wish to create the Flapper signature.

Roaring 20s

Handbags – Probably the most stunning handbags of the 20s are the beaded bags in colourful designs and the glitzy mesh bags with beading and Asian and Egyptian motifs – popular Art Deco designs. Other bags were made from embroidered fabric or hand-tooled leather (with embossed designs), and because a lady didn’t have much to fit into her handbag, they were usually small in size, unlike today’s ladies handbags.

My best types are embellished clutch purses, reticules (pouch-shaped with drawstrings), and mesh bags.

Flapper Style Handbags
Flapper Style Handbags by viryabo  

Other Fashion Accessories – If you want that extra-chic twenties look, any one of the following items must be used to accessorize your apparel. These items include hand fans, hand gloves, cigarette holders (if you smoke), pillbox, a feather boa, wristwatch, and a lace-trimmed handkerchief.

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On a final note, you don’t have to dress head-to-toe vintage (you can for a costume party or themed event) if you don’t want to fully re-create the 1920s vintage style. Rather, blend in the past with the present, for instance, wear the Flapper dress with stilettos instead of a Mary Jane reproduction, and use a modern clutch bag instead of a purse.

1920s Fashion

How to Tea Dye Fabrics for a Vintage Look

Lace and white cotton fabrics with an ‘aged’ vintage look have always been viewed by collectors and designers as special and unique, with a number of them going the extra mile to look for vintage inspired fabrics, for instance, to sew wedding gowns, make table linen, or use for art and craft hobbies.

However, we know that genuine vintage fabrics are hard to find but nothing stops us from getting imaginative.

If the authentic is unavailable or impossible to find, you can get creative by tea staining fabrics but it's good to ensure you choose fabrics with classic weaves and textures like lace, brocade, embroidered velvet, or satin if you seek that genuine aged look.

The ‘Aged’ Fabric Look

That faded aged look peculiar to today's fabrics finds of the late 1800s to the mid-1900’s with an almost creamy ‘buttery’ hue were luxury materials of the time. Today, you'll still find treasures of such in bridal wear, blouses, other clothing, home d├ęcor items (table cloths, napkins, chair-back covers, beddings, linen, and comforters) that you find at estate sales, yard garage sales, and from online stores like and

If you have a passion for vintage stuff, including fabrics and apparel, here is a simple way to make them look vintage or antique.

Tablecloths, lace-edged pillowcases, a Victorian style wedding dress, a bridal veil? You can make whatever you desire. All you need is to buy some great fabric, cotton, voile, lace, or linen, and tea dye it to 'age' it.

Best Fabrics to Tea Dye

The best fabrics for this project are cotton-based textiles like lace and voile but you can also use plain fine cotton, satin, and such similar materials and as long as it is predominantly cotton, it will work well. And if you can’t find what you require at your local stores, look for it online at places like,, or

How to Tea Dye - Step by Step Guide


The colours that work best for tea dying are white, champagne, eggshell, or off-white fabrics.

What you Require for Tea Staining

You’ll need the following to give your fabric that perfect antique and vintage look.
  • Regular tea bags
  • 1 gallon of water to 2 yards (2 m.) of fabric
  • Vinegar
  • Salt

Staining Process
  • Boil 6 teabags per gallon of water.
  • Leave the tea to cool down until warm
  • Put the cotton cloth in the tea solution, and leave it in to soak well
  • If you require just a light staining, let it sit in the solution for 6 hours
  • For a medium stain, it’s good to let it soak in the solution for 12hours
  • If you want maximum staining, let it sit for approximately 24hours

In some cases, tea dyed materials will fade with consecutive washes, so if you want a longer staying power, you may want to use a couple more tea bags than suggested above. This will give you a darker tea solution, and thus a deeper shade.

If you want to avoid it getting washed out over a short period of time, steep the tea stained fabric in a vinegar/salt/water solution immediately after staining. Air-dry flat or dry it with a semi-hot iron. This will allow the dye to set perfectly and ensure it won't fade after your first couple of washes.

What You Can Make with Fabrics That Look Aged

You can get creative with this! Tea dye fabrics and make any of the following (and more) items:
  • Vintage bridal dress styles
  • Cathedral veils
  • Cloche hats
  • Bridal gloves
  • Lace tops and blouses
  • Embroidered jackets
  • Table linen and napkins
  • Chair covers
  • Lace collars
  • Necklace collars
  • Patchwork quilts 
  • Crafts

20th Century Toe Ring Designs

Toe rings have been around for hundreds of years and been worn by both men and women, especially in Africa and Asia. They were worn for various cultural and traditional reasons, but certainly not as fashion accessories way back then.

In certain cultures and traditions of Africa for instance, young men wore rings on their big toe, supposedly for curative purposes. They also believed that wearing toe rings boosted their virility, and ascertained their masculinity.

And in Asia, notably India, women with toe rings on is symbolic of being married women. It serves as a mark of a change in status from being single to becoming married. It was and still is a common sight to see Asian brides adorn their toes with rings, on as many as four toes (except the little toe), and sometimes on both feet too!

In the western world, there is no symbolic interpretation or representation for wearing rings on your toes and they are only regarded as fashion accessories used to enhance, adorn and make the feet look feminine and pretty. Meaning they are worn simply as a stylish statement

It is not uncommon to find some men wearing a toe ring on a lone toe though.

Two Types of Rings

There are basically two types of toe rings, closed band and open-loops, however, most are made as open-loop rings for obvious reasons - they are easier to wear and are adjustable.

Unlike fingers that are long and slender, toes are short, sometimes chubby, scraggly, and even contorted. They can be expanded before slipping them on and tightened thereafter, to give a perfect clasp.

Which Toe?

Today, many women wear one lone ring on the second toe of the left foot. Though many others claim it's best to wear it on the second toe of the right foot, trendsetters wear theirs on the second toe of the left foot.

Best Ways to Wear Toe Rings

Most of us wear our toe rings for a long time and barely take them off but others will change their toes rings every day, ensuring it matches what they wear.

So, what’s the best way? Obviously, in order to show off your ring adorned foot, you’ll do good to wear footwear that exposes your toes.
  • Open toe shoes in general (except peep-toe shoes)
  • Slippers (slip-on)
  • Heeled sandals
  • Slip-on sandals
  • Lace-up sandals
And if you are at the beach or swimming pool, walk barefoot.

20th Century Style Toe Rings

Exquisite toe-ring designs that make statements are stylishly crafted and styled after 20th-century motifs and themes of swirls and figurines, fauna and flora, including inscribed bands and love themes. They come in semi-precious materials.

It’s always best to go for rings made from lasting materials like gold, enamel, brass, and silver because they last for years and are the type that’ll always make your feet look delicate and classy.

Gifts for Her - Vintage Inspired Intimate Lingerie

If you are a man in "romance mode", when it’s about gift giving time, this is for you.

Women love special gifts, especially if they are romantic presents. It makes them feel you are passionate and they like that.

Of course, there are beautiful romantic greeting cards with quotes that will melt her heart, but when you are deeply and emotionally attached to someone, finding the ideal gift to give isn't anywhere near ‘a breeze’.

Here is a tip. A woman is more likely to appreciate intimate gifts than men do, so if you are thinking of what’s best to give her and still don’t have a clue, think exotic lingerie. Not the usual run-of-the-mill kinds, but glamorous, feminine vintage-inspired undergarments that will make her feel special.

Whether she is 'rake' slim or plus size, an intimate gift is always one of the best presents to give.

So, if you are looking for a romantic present for your partner, forget chocolates. Forget a new toaster, exotic gourmet sweets, or a great perfume.

Yes, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but only if you can afford them! A beautiful dress is nice but nothing romantic or special about that. And none of them has an element of surprise.

Give her a unique gift that’s beautiful, sexy and intimate, something "for your eyes only" like chic vintage style lingerie that will really tickle her mind, something that will make her warm and “mushy” inside.

Recommended intimate lingerie gifts:
Bustiers and Corsets
Babydolls and Chemises
Garter Belts 

Fancy Bra Straps with Rhinestones

Fancy bra straps are today's beautiful fashion accessory that provides a new opportunity to accent your strapless gowns and tops as they are made to be exposed. As we all know, exposed straps are no longer a fashion faux pas; they are now 'show-off' accessories and have even become part of a complete look.

Image created by Viryabo@Polyvore

Though there are simple understated ones like the see-through straps that appear invisible, the most appealing and sought after kinds are embellished with rhinestones and sparkling diamante gems which make them not only elegant but also very attractive without going over the top.

They are really great for adding a touch of glitz and glamour to formal evening dresses and gowns. Not only that! Rhinestone studded bra straps can also be worn to beautify less formal clothing like strapless blouses, tank tops (tubes), camisoles (if you like that double strap look), and bustier tops,.

They are wonderful pieces of accessories that will give you a fashion upgrade whenever you need one . . . like turning a simple day wear into an attractive evening outfit, wearing them with old favourites, or giving your ‘dumped’ clothes a totally new look.

Asides being fashionable and trendy, these fancy straps are also functional accessories that serve to hold strapless bras firmly while eliminating chances of sagging which is a common feature associated with cheap strapless brassieres.

Varieties come as see-through straps encrusted with:
  1. Crystal clear diamante
  2. Black sparkling rhinestones
  3. Multi-colour Swarovski gemstones
  4. Dazzling charms and silver hearts
  5. Silver or gold sparkling stones
They come with adjustable chains or straps that allow them to be worn at any length desired.

Rhinestone encrusted bra straps are detachable and easy to fix onto your bra or tops (if you can sew on a loop). Spice up an old top, sew on loops that you can hook you pretty straps on! And because they are multi-way bra straps, you can use them the conventional way, as halter-neck straps, cross-back bra straps, or as a single (cross or straight) bra strap.

How to Choose the Best Type of Diamante Strap

This is about what to look out for when planning to buy fancy straps for convertible or strapless bras. The kind of bra you wear them with is important to know because they don’t necessarily work well with all bra types.
  • When buying a convertible/strapless bra that you intend to use fancy straps with, ensure the loops are not too close to your arm sides
  • Ensure that the bra loops are closer to the top centre of its cups 
  • Decorative bra straps don't work well with some bra loops that are almost under the arm (at the edge of the armpit) 
  • There must be some stretch in your choice of straps so they fit correctly and snugly 
  • One size strap does not fit all so ensure you go for those that come elasticized if you prefer this function
  • There are some brands that carry multiple sizes. Ensure you only purchase packs with multiple sizes. These are more affordable than purchasing different sizes individually 
  • The size of a bra doesn't determine the size or length of bra straps to purchase. It will mainly depend on the bra band location