Ankle Bracelets - Vintage Inspired Foot Jewellery

Ankle bracelets, popularly referred to as anklets, have been around for centuries and though they didn’t necessarily start of as fashion item or accessory as it is today, they evolved as hot fashion items in the western world by the 20th century.

They are made from different materials ranging from beads, leather, and precious stones to silver, gold, and less precious metals. They are definitely a must-have.

Stylish vintage anklets are usually adorned with charms which give a nice feel to the ankles. Charms include hearts, keys, crosses, and leaves. They add a feminine appeal to the overall ensemble of the fashionable woman.
Though there are different schools of thought as to how best to wear ankle bracelets, most women prefer to wear them on the left ankle.Do not wear on both ankles at one time; you don’t want to overkill it. Stylish fashion is subtle but classy, so don’t overdo it.

Wear anklets with long full skirts, or short miniskirts. They can also be worn with shorts and narrow straight leg pants. Keep them away from flared pants and bell bottoms.

So whether you are a young woman or an older one, adorn your legs with foot jewellery; they are feminine, chic, and sexy.

A to Z Vintage Fashion - Inspire Yourself

In my next posts, I want to discuss the A-Z of vintage fashion with you. It is not unusual to find vintage inspired apparel in the boutiques and designer clothing shops of the 21st century.

You’d think that fashion designers will throw old 20th century vintage designs out the window, but no, fashion doesn’t work that way. Fashion is cyclic and you will find that items of clothing of yester-years are making a comeback, albeit with a modern twist.

The A-Z series of 20th century fashion may inspire you to change or augment your wardrobe with new items of clothing and accessories. Granted times are not at its best, but you can still achieve a sophisticated mix of the modern and vintage with anything from flapper dresses, hats, and costume jewellery of the early 1900’s, retro clothing, handbags, and wedge heels of the latter years of the 20th century.

So, if you are a 'fashionista' with a taste for the unusual, you may be inspired by one or more of these items of clothing and decide to mix and match them with today’s modern designs.

Watch out for the posts, and who knows, you may have your fashion crave sated and develop a new fashion signature with a blend of the chic, classic and trendy.

So stay tuned to this space!