Curvy Girls' Guide to Best Lingerie Picks (Infographics)

If you are a curvy plus size woman, finding the right type, size, and style of beautiful lingerie may pose a challenge. This is especially true if you are bold and proud of your full-bodied figure.

And many plus size women are truly proud enough to flaunt their curves.

This detailed infographic should help to guide you if and when you decide to go for head-turning, shape enhancing, 'cheeky', provocative, or simply empowering plus size lingerie to flaunt your gorgeous curvy silhouette.

From your torso to your legs, these tips will let you know what's best for you - no matter if you have fat calves, wide shoulders, or a drooping bosom.

So, whenever you wish to treat yourself to some nice intimate wear, remember these handy tips. You'll find that you will always make a wise choice, whatever your desires might be - boxers, sleepwear, bras, bustiers, chemise, hosiery, leather, costumes, and the like.

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Sexy Plus Size Intimate Undergarments

Sexy Plus Size Intimate Lingerie

It’s not often that you get to find attractive . . . yes, really pretty lingerie for plus size women.

Firstly, most stores that sell lovely lingerie never seem to have the full-bodied woman in mind. It’s always been lingerie for only skinny, slim, or average size ladies that you’ll find in shop displays.

Secondly, even the mannequins that showcase fine lingerie are anything but plus size and it doesn’t help that silhouettes of those shopping for underwear in such boutiques are always profiles of the slender and skinny.

Now, how do many big/plus sized women feel when they find themselves in fine lingerie stores that have nothing to offer them? Doesn’t it make one feel excluded in some way?

Great thing is that all that is now in the past. There are beautiful and even exotic undergarments for full-bodied and voluptuous women who not only want comfort and style but also want to have vast collections to choose from.

Nowadays, things are different because being plus size doesn't mean you have to settle for less than the appealing. Today more women on the big side can now get to buy and wear what they'd never have dreamed of finding, talk less of wearing, half a century ago. It’s wonderful to know that granny panties and unsightly panty lines are finally out! It’s no more comfort-only, but style.

Should You Give Up Style for Comfort?

It all depends on how you look at it. It’s certainly true that comfort is important, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of style and besides, most fine lingerie out on the market, whether just functional – bras, panties, hosiery, slips; sexy – bustier, corsets, G-strings; or ‘racy’ (and wild) – crotchless, leather, ‘merry-widows’, are made to fit comfortably and securely, as long as you purchase the right size.

From boldly patterned bralettes to plunge bras, embellished thongs and boyshorts to chemises and teddies, pretty plus size lingerie deserves the expression "ooh la la"!

Plus Size Woman, Emboldened, Sexy, and Desirable

Now that curves are ‘in’, the 21st Century full-bodied woman can feel attractive and feminine; she can feel this way by slipping into sexy lingerie that'll make her feel daring and truly proud of being endowed.

But a good number of plus sizes don’t particularly feel comfortable walking into the shops to seek whatever they desire. Nothing really wrong with that!

So if for any reason you have reservations about going out in search of plus intimates you can search for what you want online. Besides, there is no better alternative to buying online . . . because choices are limitless.

And finding the perfect fit is never really a problem because all fine online lingerie boutiques will provide you with size charts (measurement charts) that are easy to understand and use.

Things Plus Size Women Must Look Out For When Buying Exquisite Lingerie 


  1. Comfort
  2. Feel
  3. Good support
  4. Style
It doesn't matter how beautiful and exotic lingerie is, if it’s not comfortable, you’ll hardly enjoy wearing it and if it's not comfortable to wear, there's no point in slipping into it.

A good piece of lingerie mustn't pinch or grip you unnecessarily and it must not dig into your flesh which will leave you with unsightly welts. However, thanks to Spandex and Lycra; undergarments are much more comfortable and easier to wear, something that was long overdue for fat women.

Lingerie must feel good on you, especially if you are full-bodied. Whether it's made of silk, satin, nylon, polyester, lace, leather or any other kind of fabric, it must feel great on your body. The last thing you need is to be stuck at work from 9 to 5, in a ‘scratchy pair’ of lingerie!

This is especially important for items such as bras and panties, and in the case of slips and shapewear, it mustn’t ‘ride up’.

Good support

This is so important. Good plus size intimates must be supportive. There is no point in putting attraction before good support no matter how wonderful the lingerie item looks.

For instance, if you are full-breasted, you’ll need a good support of a well-made lacy bra.

With items like bras, you will often get what you pay for so skimping and counting pennies on this piece isn't the best way to go . . . Enter quality!

You may get away with buying cheap or inexpensive slips, panties, babydolls, or chemises but with corsets, girdles, bustier, bras, and the all-important body-shapers you’ll need to invest well.

Looking for something stylish; lingerie that’s not only appealing and sexy but something that makes you feel beautiful? Then you need stylish pieces.

From lace bralettes to body flattering boned leather bustiers, rhinestone embellished thongs to figure hugging inner/outerwear corsets; petticoats and bloomers to garters and hosiery made from all forms of exclusive lingerie materials like satin, silk, soft cotton, stretch mesh, Edwardian cotton; whatever your fantasy or needs; name it, you’ll find it in plus sizes.

And if you have issues with curves, there is always special shapewear – waist cinchers, stretch lace shapers, super shaper shorts, - that’s not only stylish, and figure flattering, but feminine and comfortable too.


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Rent a Costume for Halloween - 13 Top Women Costumes

Mr and Mrs Potato Head
Do you really need to buy a costume for Halloween this year, an outfit which you’ll wear for only a few hours of one day of a year?

True, it’s nice to have your own impressive outfit bought specially for a fancy dress or costume party but sometimes it’s good to consider saving money in all ways we possibly can. Besides, some of us would hate to ‘repeat’ the same old outfit year on year. You can almost hear party guests’ whispered remarks as you mingle with the crowd.

If you are looking out for something ‘explosive’, a costume that sets you apart from the usual, the boring, and the outdated, you shouldn’t bother buying because not only will it set you back a good slice of money, people will get tired of seeing you in it if you wear it for more than two costume parties . . . the shine will have rubbed off.

Best thing to do? Rent it!

Save Big! Shop Rental Costumes at 

If you decide to rent a Halloween costume, for instance, you will find a seemingly limitless selection of costumes . . . from the formal to the whimsical; the ‘racy’ to the regal; the ‘wicked to the sexy; you are sure to find some great ensemble that will make you look flattering, playful, wicked, tempting, coquettish, timeless; any impression you may wish to portray.

13 Popular Halloween Costumes for Women

For this year’s Halloween party, look out for any of these popular outfits to play the character well:
  1. Feline cat costume
  2. Cleopatra costume
  3. Sexy Stewardess
  4. Bewitching beauty
  5. Sexy deadly ninja
  6. Pirate wench
  7. Wonder Woman
  8. Princesses
  9. 'Wicked' boss costume
  10. Warrior huntress
  11. Dark red riding hood
  12. Steampunk lady costume
  13. Flapper girl costume
And if you are still unsure about what to wear to that must-not-miss party, that everyone will attend, don’t feel bad. You are not alone. Most people don't know until the last minute.

With only a few days left before the 31st October, the time to find that perfect Halloween attire to rent for one of the greatest nights of the year is drawing close.

Slimming Underwear for Plus Size Brides

If you plan to wear a vintage inspired bridal gown on your wedding day, you may require slimming undergarments bridal lingerie to help you fit snugly into that hour-glass shaped wedding gown, fashioned after the mid-twentieth century fashion styles.

Bridal slimming undergarments allows a bride achieve a perfect fit in a vintage gown that's been designed and made to look classic, appealing and chic.

Today, with the heightened interest in vintage apparel, a bride-to-be now has the luxury of choice of lingerie, with many beautiful designs of bridal undergarments created both for inner and outer wear.

These shaping undergarments sometimes come accessorised with details such as pretty beaded straps, rhinestones, delicate lace trims or embroidered embellishments that can be partially or totally exposed, showing as part of a bride's outerwear.

Materials and fabrics used to create these lovely bridal wear are mainly:
  • Nylon
  • Lycra
  • Polyester
  • Lace
  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Voile
  • Cotton
  • Steel bones
  • Plastic stiffeners
  • Rhinestones
  • Pearls
  • Ribbons

Bridal Shapewear and Outerwear Lingerie

1. Wedding Corsets - A proper bridal corset is a slimming undergarment primarily designed to pull in the waist a few inches. Desired tautness will depend on how tight it's laced up. A wedding dress corset is like a bodice, worn to mould and shape the torso. Over 60 years ago, whalebone was used to shape and form a corset. Luckily today made to measure bridal corsets are produced with steel 'bones' which gives them a great hourglass shape.

Find Great Bridal Shape-Wear Online

2. Bridal Basques - Are tight fitting bodice or short 'coat'. It is also a stylish and slimming undergarment and outerwear that many refer to as a 'waspie'. A Basque does not necessarily pull in the waist, but it shapes the upper body. They, however, do have steel bones as well.

3. Bridal Waist Cincher - The waist cincher was very popular with the 80's bride, and women generally. It’s a type of wide lace belt, made with elasticized fabric and soft plastic stiffeners.

4. Bridal Bustier - A bustier with it's close-fitting, sleeveless, and usually strapless bodice, is worn by brides as a slimming undergarment or as an outer apparel. A bustier is similar to a basque but comes shorter. It reaches down only to the ribs or waist.
Vintage Inspired Bridal Lingerie Online

Bustiers' shapes the waist in a more gentle way, pushing up the bust, tightening against the midriff, forcing them firmly up. The use of boning is quite common in bustiers, but they are often fabricated using mesh panels. A multi-purpose garment, it doubles as a push-up bra for inner wear and as a camisole for outer wear.

5. Vintage Inspired Bras - The design of the bridal gown usually determines the type of bra that must be worn. The bra must support and elevate the bosom in most vintage inspired wedding gowns.

Wedding Long-Line Bra Online
 Depending on the bridal gown's bodice, the style of the skirt, the cut of its neckline and whether it is cut high or low at the back, the bra that is chosen must certainly conform with the style of the gown.

Popular among the 'vintage brides' is the long line strapless bra which starts at the bust line, ending down at the waist.

It has some boning and includes multiple hook and eyelets which both gives it extra firmness and added support, thus acting as an effective bridal slimming undergarment.

How to Choose Bridal Lingerie Wisely

So for the bride, mother of the groom and mother of the bride, getting into that beautiful dress on that great day demands a lovely silhouette.

With vintage inspired wedding apparel, the outfits must not seem too tight, so if you have been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight or shed a few pounds, don’t worry too much about it. Bridal slimming undergarments will do a great job of holding in a few unsightly folds.

Front Bust Closure Waist Cincher (Shape-Wear) Online

Many regular type bridal lingerie looks very pretty, but they will neither slim down nor shape the body.Wearing bridal shapewear and slimming undergarments is the answer, asides dieting. Many of these bridal wear will slim and shape, helping one fit into a chic dress on the wedding day.

Bridal lingerie is the first thing a blushing bride puts on for the big day and the last thing she removes for that special night. Intricate and delicate detail work makes bridal lingerie an item worthy of particular attention.

So choosing just the right bridal slimming undergarments for the right wedding gown will help make it a wonderful day to remember. The wedding website photographs and videos will tell the story.

Five Women's Classy Must-Have Boots

It’s a wonderful feeling to get noticed when you are among a group of people; whether at work, in school, on a night out partying, or just going down to the mall. One of the best ways to get noticed is in the way you are dressed and how well you carry yourself.

It may be in the clothes you wear, your hairdo, or the accessories you’ve got on, but most importantly, it’s usually in the footwear that adorns your feet.

Looking Good in Boots

Boots, the classy stylish ones, of course, will get you noticed in a flash, making you look like you just stepped off the runway. Good thing, this is the season for boots so it’s a good time to embrace the tough girl trend with bold-and-beautiful boots.

A simple shirt dress worn with a great pair of boots or shoes will make you look stylish, and a crop top t-shirt worn over a pair of ripped jeans and ‘finished off’ with a pair of classy boots will not only make you look fashionable, it will make a you appear elegant and tasteful too.

Here you’ll find some great ones and it’s certain you will fall in love with them.

Kate Spade New York - Nod (Black Suede) Women's Dress Pull-on Boots

1. You'll absolutely love these cute and sassy almond toe mid-calf pair of boots . . . . Yes, you'll adore Nod "to boot"!

Made by Kate Spade, they are constructed with a rich suede upper, wrapped heel, and a lightly padded leather foot bed.

Italian made, the slouch shaft with a signature bow accent adds to its chic and sophisticated silhouette.

Diane von Furstenberg - Bop (Camel/Black New Leopard Print Haircal/Black Mesh) Women's Shoes
2. How about these divine animal print pointed toe mesh ankle boots? Let out your inner diva "in the fierce" and trendy BOP.

Made from calf hair upper with mesh panels for an added 'oomph', this lace-up number with wrapped heels will certainly set tongues wagging! And guess what, they are also produced in Italy by those who know "their onions" about making classy footwear.

Taryn Rose - Taytum (Black) Women's Shoes

3. Chic, elegant and utterly luxurious, these 'to-die-for' boots is a gait enhancer. With stitching accents and pops of silver-tone hardware, Taytum is the sophisticated woman's dream boots.

These classy boots come with stacked heels, leather outer soles (with rubber traction inlay) and a side zipper for ease of slipping on and off.

They are absolutely fabulous!  
Bella-Vita - Anya II (Black/Grey Flannel) Women's  Boots

4. Whether you are looking for something stylishly casual, or something that smacks of sophistication,, make sure you're doing it in a fashionable way with Bella-Vita Anya II boots.

Its smooth textile lining and padded footbed offer great comfort for your feet "so you can dance in comfort till the street lights go off!" Comes with a zipper closure for easy wear, on and off.

Classy boots for sure!

10 Crosby Derek Lam - Lynne (Black Patent) Women's Shoes
5. Be bold and trendy this season in the Lynne from 10 Crosby Derek Lam boots. This pull-on design platform ankle boots with an almond toe come in a patent leather upper, padded leather footbed, and a smooth leather lining. It also has a back quarter pull tab to make it easy to wear.

Bold and daring boots with class!

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Plus-Sized Bargains for Curvy Women (Minimum 25% Off)

Curvy women now have a vast choice when it comes to finding beautiful, chic, and flattering apparel to buy. Both online and offline, plus-size, trendy, and fashion conscious full-bodied ladies now have a say when we talk fashion, with a large majority of them actually loving their curvacious bodies too.

Great Bargains for the Boldly Plus-Sized

From satin corsets, bustiers, and fantasy costumes, to pretty floral print dresses, bridal lingerie, Pallazo pants, and lace chemises’, if you are a plus-sized woman looking for beautiful things at pleasantly-surprising prices, you will find some great deals for this month chosen carefully for you by yours truly.

1. Off the Shoulder Foldover Knit Top

A striking bare shoulder top made from jersey fabric. Nice and stretchy, this knit top will pair well with leggings or flowing Pallazo style pants. A great bargain for under $20.
This superbly flattering Off the Shoulder Knit Top is a favourite pick if you are looking for a casual but stylish top that flaunts your bare shoulders. It comes in black and merlot and can be worn with the 5-way convertible bra as strapless if you don't like wearing tops with your bra straps showing. If you wish to glamourise this plus-size number for the night, wear it with a steel boned under-bust corset.

2. Santa Tie Cup Babydoll with Marabou Trim

A wonderful bargain for a by-the-fire Christmas night. It has ribbon tie cups, a sexy black belt, and adjustable straps.

A saucy babydoll with a sweet Christmasy bargain, the Santa Tie Cup Babydoll with Marabou Trim is sure to spike your interest at its less than $25 price tag. It is made from a sheer red stretch mesh material with a white marabou trim and comes with a pair of matching g-strings.

3. Printed PJ Set

A daydreamer's perfect loungewear set for the boldly plus-sized woman. A great bargain for less than $25, this perfect loungewear cum pyjamas set comes in red and blue.

This elegant plus size Printed PJ Set is the perfect sleepwear to lounge and sleep in. Its top features lace trim and the bottoms are designed with a pull-on elastic waistband for added comfort. Made in a buttery soft printed fabric.

4. Soft Cotton Plus Size Chemise with Lace Trim

A vintage-inspired Edwardian collection made of soft cotton lawn for cool comfort. Lounge in this chemise at home for reading, watching movies or enjoying the company of your special someone for less than $30.

This plus-sized deal is a Soft Cotton Plus Size Chemise with Lace Trim inspired by the Edwardian style. It is designed with lace-trimmed loose-fitting tiers, a plunging neckline and V-back which gives it an effortlessly sexy look. Can be worn at night - a perfect sleepwear for hot nights and as day wear over a pair of jeans or leggings.

5. Steampunk Goggles with Gears

These steampunk goggles are a must have for a trendy full-bodied woman.

A pair of Steampunk Goggles that you just must get, especially at a knock-down price of less than $20. These copper goggles have unique gears and adjustable straps. Imagine them paired with a sophisticated bell-sleeve dress and underbust corset for a gorgeous Steampunk look. 

6. Savoir Faire Stretch Lace Garter Belt

With this garter set, if you require more back coverage, you can wear it with matching stretch lace boyshorts, and for less back coverage, wear them with a matching pair of g-strings.

The Savoir Faire Stretch Lace Garter Belt comes with 4 adjustable garter straps and adjustable hook and eye back closure with a variety of feminine colours any curvy woman will love.

7. Eyelash Lace Trim Bra and Panty Set

The bra features a front lace-up and eyelash-lace overlay cups, and the panty comes as a high waist brief with a lace-up back. Very nice deal for $24.95

At a bargain for less than $25, this all laced-up and ready to go plus-sized Lace Trim Bra and Panty Set has the perfect mix of sexy and ultra-hot with its front lace up and eyelash lace overlay cups, front crisscross straps, and underwire cups. Comes with adjustable thigh straps for added comfort.

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Victorian Style Bustle Skirts for the Vintage Inspired

Victorian bustle skirts are bouncy, flurry and utterly feminine and are a reminder of a fashion era of the 19th Century. Its rustling style makes it move and flow gracefully with the body, indicating a style that's not only bold but also daring.

A variation of the vintage bustle skirt

Not all body shapes can pull off the bustle skirt successfully but if worn with a body-squeezing, shape enhancing bustier or corset, most women will look wonderful in one.

Today's interpretations of the bustle skirt are equally as spectacular as it was over a century ago and is a style that can be worn to any special event - special occasions, weddings, Halloween parties, and costume parties too.

Spectacular styles of a vintage-inspired bustle skirt with fancy-tiered ruffles.

Typically Victorian fashion, bustle skirts possess fancy tiered ruffle designs and wasn't that easy to put on but today's interpretation of the vintage skirt comes with zipper closures at the waist and are easy to slip on or off. Some also come with adjustable drawstring ties that are placed beneath the layers of fabric which lets you adjust the amount of bustle and drape that you desire.
Two different versions of the Victorian style bustle skirt, one worn with a bustier and the other an underbust corset.

For that extra bustle, you can use the drawstrings to gather it high up and for a more flowing smoother look, you can leave it untied. Pair these classic skirts with steel boned corsets designed with front busk closure, and lace-up backs. You can also wear bustle skirts with three grommet lace-up front neckline bustiers.

Plus Size Vintage Style Halloween Costumes

The 31st of October, eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day, time for trick-a-treating, jack-o-lanterns, 'haunting' missions, and best of all, Halloween costume parties
From little kids to the ‘young at heart’ adults, this is a festive season that many look forward to every single year.

The popularity of costume parties knows no bounds! Filled with merrymakers dressed as witches, ghosts, vampires, queens, countesses, skeletons, parlour maids, Victorian and Gothic women, sorceresses, heroines, corpse brides’ and popular fiction characters like Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland.

And the plus size woman is not left out of the ‘pranking’ party fun.

Today’s voluptuous woman has a wide choice of Halloween costumes beyond her imagination. True, costuming for Halloween parties only became popular in the United States roughly a century ago, and the first mass-produced costumes appeared in the 1930s, but vintage inspired party costumes for All Hallows’ Day (Halloween) made exclusively for full-bodied women didn’t become an ‘item’ until recent years.
Now, there is absolutely no need to shy away from joining in the fun because you think you won’t find high-quality Halloween outfits you can get all ‘dolled up’ in.

With vintage inspired Halloween apparel, you can show-off your curves in a superheroine costume, a Marie Antoinette ensemble, a fallen angel outfit, a flapper dress, or a sexy witch vintage-inspired garb.

Plus Size Lingerie for 'Big Girls’

Finding unique lingerie for plus size women in shops around many localities is not that easy. Yes, they do carry undergarments for the full-bodied woman, but many of the ones you’ll find may not be feminine and sexy enough for many of today’s proudly big girls out there.

Vintage Inspired Plus Size Intimates Online

Now when it comes to vintage inspired lingerie, it becomes much more difficult to find, that is if you can find them at all.

Vintage inspired lingerie is not your usual panties, bras, and simple camisole tops. They are certainly more than that. Not dowdy, somewhat plain, and old-fashioned like . . . yes! Granny pants and frumpy brassieres!

It’s not news that many plus size women seek better and attractive underwear online. As some feel slightly uncomfortable rummaging through the racks and shelves of lingerie at their local shopping malls, other will not be ‘caught dead’ seeking the help of shop attendants, some who snicker behind your back or roll their eyes as soon as you turn to look somewhere else simply because you are looking for something more sensual, stylish or utterly suggestive.

Hips & Curves Full Figure Lingerie, Apparel, Costumes, Hosiery and Accessories

Buying plus size intimates online helps lots of women just like you who absolutely hate having to go out into there, facing skinny and svelte shop attendants, especially when they try to give you advice without really being aware of your needs, or worries of good fitting pieces.

There are specialised online lingerie stores that cater exclusively to the full bodied curvaceous women of style. They understand that intimate wear should not only be special, they must make you feel special; both you and your partner.

How Do You Ensure You Get the Perfect Fitting Lingerie?

For plus size women who wish to order online for the first time, this may put you in a dilemma but don’t worry. If you are searching for lingerie from an online store, first ensure it’s from a reputable site that caters exclusively to plus size women.

If it’s a good site, it’ll provide detailed and well thought-out measurement charts. The site should also include a guide that’ll show you how to take the right measurements.

If you are unsure about taking your own measurements properly, ask a member of the family or a friend to help you out. Yes, it can get quite tricky trying to measure your own body all by yourself.

Try to be honest with your measurements. Some of us tend to wish we are an inch or a bit less than what we read on the measuring tape . . . wanting to give measurements that we desire to be.

That’s quite natural for some and understandable too. But as a bold and confident plus size woman, it is most certain that you won’t.

So take the time to take proper measurements following the store’s guide; this way, you’ll minimise the chances of getting lingerie that doesn't fit you perfectly.

Happy lingerie shopping!

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Stylish Moccasin Footwear

Moccasin footwear is a true classic; never really going out of style but appearing in one stylish form or another and it still remains a favourite, even to this day.

What started off as footwear to serve as protection for the feet against rocks, stones, thorns, and the like, including the harsh cold weather, is now a trendy fashion accessory.
Modern Moccasin Footwear
Moccasins for women have been trendy for decades, and today, these traditional shoes and boots have been modernised for comfort and style. They are still worn by many men, women and children, sometimes as everyday wear, but most times to make a fashion statement.

Traditional Moccasins

Made primarily from the softest of leather back in the early days of Native Americans, moccasin shoes were constructed with a piece of deer skin ‘tacked’ together with a seam running from the leg down to the toe. But as comfort became a factor to reckon with, its design included an additional panel of deerskin which gave it a definitive shape of modern footwear.

While in the past many associated moccasins with just boots, today you’ll find other variations of moccasins with their signature whip stitch detail as shoes, slippers, loafers, and even moccasin Uggs.

Because they are made from deerskin, moccasins are soft and very comfortable and the majority of colours available to buy still remain that beautiful tan or light brown deerskin colour.

Whether they are ankle boots, full boots, shoes, or slippers, the style can be worn all year round, one of the reasons they’ve still retained a ‘subtle’ place in the fashion accessory industry.

Features of Moccasin Shoes

Features of authentic moccasin footwear include:
  • Deerskin (or suede) interior and outer lining
  • Adjustable corded rear panel (some variations)
  • Pull-cord design
  • Whip stitch detail
  • Rubber outer sole
  • Tassels (fringe)
  • Symbols, inscriptions, and tattoo like embellishments

Moccasins Inscriptions and Symbols, What Do They Mean?

It has been said that the decorations on the early moccasin footwear . . . those patterns and symbols gave spiritual protection to its wearer. The inscriptions were meant to remind the wearer of sacred events, places, beings, or teachings. Interestingly, these symbols were made to face the wearer and not the viewer.

Not many of us knew that! In fact, most of us who love wearing them hardly noticed where the inscriptions faced (or didn’t face!)

Motifs, patterns, and symbols include beaded vintage themes, animal sketches and modern tattoo patterning and they all depict many different interpretations.

Today’s Stylish Moccasin Footwear

Today, moccasin footwear has taken a new dimension in all aspects. They are modern, chic, casual, formal, trendy, and sporty; you name it, you got it! All in a vast range of colours, styles and colour/material combinations!

Choose from a wide range of women's moccasins
Materials used for this vast range (aside deerskin) includes textiles, faux leather, cow hide, patent, suede, leatherette, air-meshed leather, etc. . . . some in combinations of two different materials and sometimes more.

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Five Women's Classy Boots - 'To Die For'
Descriptive names used today that are primarily based on moccasin designs include loafers, slip-on loafers, flat heel boats, flat heel booties, square-toe flats, etc...
Choose from a range of moccasin booties for women

A to Z of Vintage Inspired Fashion for Women

This post is meant to cover the A to Z of vintage inspired fashion. It's been in the works for a while now . . . yes, more than a while. In fact, it's been on the 'drafting table' for months, but since reeling it out all the way to the 'Zee' of fashion has been a bit of a challenge, I'm throwing it open to all.

But in all honesty, it's time this blog post is published. Who wants to spend months writing just one fashion based post? Vintage inspired or not!

Now, I've Got a Fashion Topic Challenge for You

So, as its getting close to the end of the alphabet and it getting more challenging to find (for example) an object of vintage fashion that begins with the letter X, I have decided to throw open the last few letters to you my readers.

It'll be nice to see what you vintage fashion enthusiasts will come up with!

There are 26 letters less V, W, X, Y, and Z here, twenty-one to be precise. Vests, Y-fronts, and don't count. It's all about women's fashion clothing and accessories, not men's. Sorry guys!

A - Anklets
Though some form of ankle chain has been around for centuries, they only evolved as hot fashion accessories in the western world in the 20th century . . . Anklets

Source: Heavenly Treasures

B - Bustier
Today, the bustier serves mostly as a fashionable outerwear which can be worn over tailored pants, trendy straight leg jeans, skirts, or long evening skirts . . . Bustier

Source: LightinTheBox

C - Clutch Bag
Clutch handbags are the most appropriate fashion accessory for formal occasions . . . evening wear, weddings, nineteenth centuryor dinners. A clutch bag oozes 'chic and style' whenever we use one . . .  Clutch Bag
Source: LightinTheBox

D - Dungarees 
. . . Or if you prefer, jumpsuits; rompers, . . . And they are back, in all shapes and forms. First made around the end of the 19th century, dungarees were at the time, made from sturdy cotton and served more as overalls rather than fashion clothing . . . Dungarees
Source: OASAP

E - Empire Dress 
The Empire dress design is vintage inspired fashion at its best! It's an old but popular classic, a style that evolved around the late 1700’s, influenced by the loose, white tunics type clothing of Greek and Roman women . . . Empire Dress
Vintage Empire Dress

F - Flapper Dresses
Now, who doesn’t remember the flapper dress, or maybe you remember this hot vintage attire as the Charleston dress?  And in case you don’t, it was THE outfit of the swinging 20’s, also known as the roaring twenties . . . Flapper Dresses 
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G - Gatsby Style
Gatsby inspired fashion can be aptly described as "cool and swanky", an “extravagant look” that's reminiscent of the 1920's vintage fashion and style . . . Gatsby Style

H - Hipsters
The first way you’d recognise a hipster is by the way he/she is dressed, in an almost ironic ‘tongue-in-cheek’ style . . . Hipsters

I - Intimate Wear
There wasn’t much of a variety of intimate lingerie for the nineteenth-century woman. The most important item to the fashionable woman was the all-important constricting corsets made with whalebone or steel . . . Intimate Wear

J - Jewelry
For your ears only! To know the right shape, style and size of earring that best suits your face, you may find the following tips useful . . . Jewelry

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K - Kimono
Classic Japanese apparel. Most of us know what kimonos are, but if you are in doubt, or maybe you just heard this name for the first time, a kimono is a traditional Japanese outfit with a characteristic T – shape . . . Kimono

L - Lace
They say lace is in, I say lace is back! This fabric can be traced back to the late 1500’s, a time when there was a swift growth in the production of fine hand-made lace . . . Lace

M - Mermaid Dresses 
A nice reminder of the chic and elegant gowns of the mid-19th century, and it's a blast from the past . . . of classic movies where all the beautiful and sexy actresses always wore clothes that highlighted and accentuated their body shape. . . . Mermaid Dresses

N -  Necklaces
Show stopping vintage inspired neck jewelry . . . Today, necklaces are big and bold, common features you’ll find that many fashionable women love, but what makes a necklace a ‘show-stopper’? What makes one neck jewelry stand out against another? . . . Necklaces

O - Overcoats
Trending winter coats. How do you like yours? Winter fashion is stylish, even the best in many people's opinion. Overcoats and other apparel that’s meant to ward off the cold come with the best details, much more than most summer clothing . . . Overcoats

P - Petticoat
Petticoats are elaborate underskirts that have been in existence ever since the late 1500’s. They've been worn by women in one variation or another through the past five centuries . . . Petticoat

Q - Quinceanera Fashion
With claims of its origin dating back to the Aztecs, today’s Quinceanera is a great day of celebrations for the birthday girl. She is fashionably dressed in a formal elegant gown and adorned with beautiful jewelry and a tiara, looking just like a ‘fairy-tale princess’ . . . Quinceanera Fashion

R - Retro Fashion
Post 60'sclothing style. Wearing retro style clothing is even a little more difficult to pull off than vintage styles of the pre-60's era in the sense that many may feel that though the styles were quite conservative by nature - no frills, embellishments like faux pearls, sequins, and the like that was typical of the early to mid-20th century - they were not stylish and chic enough for really special occasions . . . Retro Fashion

S - Suspenders (and Garter Belts)
They were clothing items of necessity; not really meant to be fashionable. Hardly surprising that the first known ‘garter creations’ were simply a band of cloth cut in form of ribbons, or knitted pieces you could tie together . . . Suspenders (and Garter Belts)

T - T-Shirts
Most of the time we spend with clothes on, we are in our casuals . . . shopping at the mall, visiting, hanging out with friends, picking up the kids from school, going to the movies, a picnic, a visit to the beach . . . you get what I mean. These are the times we need our casuals . . .  T-Shirts

U - Underwear 
Have you ever wondered how underwear came to be? Aren’t you a bit curious about what undergarments women wore centuries ago? The history of underwear is quite interesting. From wearing nothing underneath (except a shift garment) to frilly lingerie and thongs, women’s underwear has come a long, long way . . . Underwear 

So there it is. I throw the challenge to you. Can you complete this?

What's the 'Vee to Zee' (V, W, X, Y, and  Z) of women's vintage-inspired fashion? It can be a fashion item, a stylish era, or a vintage fashion trend.