Women T-Shirts with Vintage Art Illustrations

There are lots of t-shirt designs for women out there, so many that most times, it is hard to make a choice but how often do you find stylish ones with vintage art illustrations printed on them?

Not often!

From whimsical prints of the European circus to vintage poster art, famous 20th-century quotes, and fashion icon reproductions images, tees with classic illustrations are beginning to get the attention of tee shirt lovers, especially women.

Baby boomers that grew up in the 20th century still reminisce about the past and many of them will love illustrations of the famous bands of the sixties, images of a young Paul McCartney, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, or Coco Chanel on their tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, tank, or crop tops.

Then there are vintage art graphics and designs . . . retro prints, automobiles, motorbike riders, rock bands, quirky or ritzy themes, star wars, cat-woman, Wizard of Oz, sepia, and black and white old photography images.

Vintage Art on Tees - What to Look Out For

When you seek t-shirts with classic graphics, look out for those with images, caricatures, black and white prints, sepia finishes, and bold patterns. Also search for those with 20th-century themes of crazy characters, poetic quotes, and photographs of your favourite silver screen goddess.

You Can Make Your Own T-Shirts Online

Whether you want to make a couple for yourself, or you think this may be a great business idea to venture into, you can make these vintage-inspired t-shirts online.

As a business project, you can make them and sell them! Your customers will include your friends, family, schoolmates, and colleagues. And because it is an easy way to make some extra money on the side (consider the fun aspect), making t-shirts online is a venture that you’ll find it worth your while.

Find these classic creations at Tees to Treasure

You can make it a hobby or even create your own special t-shirt line and if you need some inspiration as per designs to use, you can search for royalty free antique or vintage graphics, inspirational quotes, old photographs, patterns, characters, and 20th-century comic themes.

Upload your chosen illustrations and make your own tees on Zazzle or SpreadShirt. Print them on hoodies, short sleeves and long sleeves, sweatshirts, tanks, and vests and if you choose, go trendy, sassy, swag, cool, or quirky!

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Box Handbag - Trending Vintage Inspired Bags

Vintage inspired box handbags make elegant statements and women who love accessorising with anything classic and unique can attest to this.
This square box handbag is not only stylish and different from the rest; it is eye-catching and comes in various designs, shapes, and sizes that resemble anything from treasure chests and fine hard luggage to lunch boxes and trunks.

This certainly proves that fashion is always cyclic. But then, any fashion trend that lasted close to a decade in the 1900s almost always makes a comeback.

The handbag designs come as clutch bags, mini-handbags, and larger designs with adjustable and removable shoulder straps.
Retro Style Box Handbag 

From Lucite, canvas, and leather, to faux leather, fabric, alloys, and wicker, this vintage inspired piece is made from a good number of both classic and modern materials, meaning you’ll probably find one that’s perfect for your style . . . modern, traditional, retro, or quirky.

Braccialini Style Pink Cartoon Box Women Handbag 

A box handbag is one fashion accessory that should be a part of any woman's wardrobe basics, especially if she is one fashionista that loves and appreciates classic vintage inspired styles.

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